Hobbyweld 5 Ultra Welding Gas


Water capacity: 20 Litres Gas pressure 300 bar / 4351 psi

A bestselling shielding gas, ideal for MIG welding. Particularly suited to sheet metal and thin sections of mild steel under 7mm in thickness, such as car bodywork and light sheet work.

Hobbyweld 5 is a unique blend of Argon, Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen gas mix (often referred to as a tri-mix or an argon shield). It’s easy to use and provides a sound weld at a low cost.

Hobbyweld 5 decreases the chance of porosity, welding spatter and oxidation compared with straight carbon dioxide. A great choice for vehicle restoration and restoring classic cars and motorcycles.

For just £4.70 +VAT we’ll deliver to anywhere in our delivery area.

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