Hobbyweld 15 Welding Gas (Original)

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Water Capacity: 9 Litres Gas pressure 137 bar / 1987 psi

A specially formulated argon, carbon dioxide and oxygen gas mix (often referred to as a tri-mix or argon shield) for use in many welding applications

15% CO2 content makes this gas suitable for MIG welding carbon steels up to 18mm in thickness. The 2% oxygen content helps ensure good arc stability and a broad heat.

Quality welding performance and minimal spatter make Hobbyweld 15 ideal for agricultural, on-site and mobile welding. It’s also the best choice for structural steel work, medium gauge plate and general fabrication.

For just £5 (inc vat @ 20%) we’ll deliver to anywhere in our delivery area.

Please note that if you cannot exchange an empty cylinder on a like-for-like basis then you must purchase a cylinder deposit.

Original Cylinder Deposit

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