Acetylene (Original)

From: £75.00

Gas capacity: 0.81 cubic metres Water Capacity: 5 litres

The first choice for general welding, cutting and repair applications. Acetylene is the hottest, most efficient fuel gas on the market. Combined with oxygen, flame temperatures can reach 3500°C (6330°F); hot enough to weld steel.

You’ll use around 2 to 3 times the amount of oxygen to acetylene so the smaller cylinder size is ideal. Typically provides over 5 ½ hours of welding time with a no. 5 welding nozzle.

For just £5 (inc vat @ 20%) we’ll deliver to anywhere in our delivery area.

Please note that if you cannot exchange an empty cylinder on a like-for-like basis then you must purchase a cylinder deposit.

Original Acetylene Cylinder Deposit

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