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We supply a wide range of bottled gas. From camping gas to off-mains central heating; CO2 for fizzy drinks to helium for balloons and welding gas for hobbyists, Harringtons has your needs covered.

For just £5 (inc vat @ 20%) we’ll deliver to anywhere in our delivery area.

Calor Patio

Patio 13kg Propane

From: £48.00

Calor Patio

Patio 5kg Propane

From: £23.50

Calor Propane

47kg Propane (Refill)


Calor Propane

19kg Propane (Refill)


Calor Propane

13kg Propane (Refill)


Calor Butane

15kg Butane (Refill)


Calor Propane

6kg Propane (Refill)



Campingaz 907

From: £34.99

Calor Butane

7kg Butane (Refill)


Cellar Gas

CO2 – 6.35Kg



Campingaz 904

From: £29.99
Out of stock

Calor Butane

4.5kg Butane (Refill)


Calor Propane

3.9kg Propane (Refill)

From: £45.00


Campingaz 901

From: £19.99
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